Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

Creating a website has become a lot easier in recent years when compared to the early days of the internet. If you had known the software before, you could establish a website in minutes. As a result, we’ve chosen to provide you with some helpful hints for web design.

This ease of building a website might conceal an essential detail: should you construct the ideal page or one that performs correctly? Questions and abilities are needed, and not everyone has them or the time to build websites.

Because many individuals and businesses lack the time or expertise necessary to construct their own websites, firms like Upsites fill this need by providing knowledge and related services. There are plenty of resources if you just want to dip your toe in the water and learn a bit.

Web Design Tips That Make Your Site Stand Out From the Crowd

Now that we’ve established this crucial distinction let’s move on to some helpful hints for designing a WordPress site that stands out. That this system is a favorite of ours should come as no surprise since it assists many people who want to start a website but lack the necessary expertise.

1. Don’t Forget About Your Personal Brand’s Visual Identity:

Colors, typefaces, and a logo are important, even if your site is full of text and the design isn’t that important to you. Alternatively, a custom logo maker may be found online and used as a guide for the client’s project.

Additionally, the typefaces and colors convey the company’s identity. Using a current typeface and bright colors is common to imply a younger firm in a crowded marketplace. A more conservative typeface and color scheme may be preferable for legal practice. This is an important consideration for a web designer.

2. Get to the Point Quickly:

If you don’t know how to move quickly, you might lose to a rival in just two clicks on the internet, where dynamism prevails. Concentrate the content on a few pages if you can – without sacrificing the aesthetic sense – and focus your attention on the most significant parts of the document.

Does your e-commerce site have a huge promotion going on right now? Don’t force the user to look for these promotions on the secondary sites. Draw attention to them straight away so that customers can view and buy what you’re selling as quickly as possible.

Hierarchy is a common term for this type of structure. Using the inverted pyramid analogy on a web page and the home page, the most important content rises to the top.

3. Website Must Be Quick to Load:

Your website must be speedy and easy to use, and concise. Meanwhile, everyone has already accessed a page that takes a long time to load because of broken images and the loss of text information.

However, Google’s punishment of these sites with lower search ranks exacerbated the damage already done. So anyone who has a sluggish website or doesn’t provide the best user experience will be severely penalized.

And this is something that a site designer must bear in mind. If the site takes a long time to load, you may want to consider using videos, graphics, animations, or many pages.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Mobile Devices:

Even though mobile device access has overtaken PC access, it is still usual to get on a website that is not optimized for smaller displays. More than half of a site’s users will leave if it enables this.

The mobile screen must be used to analyze each option. WordPress allows you to do this even if you’re adjusting the information. A responsive site incorporates, rather than excludes, its audience.

5. Your Friend Is White:

It’s easy for a plain white background to appear drab and boring. But it’s simpler to read since you may use various colors. Specific sites use black backgrounds with red typography that you’ve probably seen before. It’s true.

Clothing “clean” has been a popular subject and model for many websites. You don’t need to cram your website with content. A welcome workplace where ideas are communicated is preferable to a hostile one. They must have a clean, well-crafted appearance, with plenty of color and detail. Too much information might lead to disorientation.

6. Designing a Website for Robots?

There are several issues to consider regarding web design, including robots and search engine optimization (SEO).

You may boost your website’s ranking in Google and other search engines by SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As a result, an online retailer of sleeping pads must rank well in searches for terms like “excellent beddings,” “sleeping cushion discounts,” and “online bedding store.”

With billions of websites on the internet, it’s evident that Google’s enlightened humans aren’t doing this placement at the tip of their pen. A variety of metrics, not all disclosed to the public by Google, are evaluated by robots in this section.

7. Human vs. Robot Strategies 

Some websites’ positioning has benefited over the years by implementing methods that weren’t necessarily meant to be attractive for humans to read. Thanks to robots ‘ increased intelligence, there will be no more stumbling blocks in the future.

Creating a website that robots can readily browse requires a web designer who knows how to think of the box. It is critical to emphasize the importance of information hierarchy and refrain from creating a cluttered site with pages, material, and data that can be removed easily. 

In today’s world, Google places a high priority on speed and content optimization. Additionally, individuals find it appealing and stick with it when they first get started (low bounce rate).

In the end, a page’s relevance is determined by how long visitors spend on it. If it has a dark backdrop and red letters, even if the content is wonderful, it won’t help much to make the words beautiful.


If you’ve followed our web design advice for WordPress websites, we hope you’ve developed a better understanding of this essential talent in the modern world.

Making a website from scratch doesn’t require effort, but making it seem beautiful does. It is even more so, as it is an ever-evolving body of information. In 2021, what was popular, accepted, and effective in 2016 may be outdated.